3000+ Automated Services for boosting your Results & Engagements on;

- Website Traffic

- SEO & Backlinks with whitelabel reporting

- Social Signals

- Social Shares

- YouTube

- Instagram

- TikTok

- Telegram

And MUCH More

πŸ” Many services & categories on SMMKings are being offered at the lowest rate over the entire market.

As well as some of the services and categories that you can find ONLY on SMMKings.

We accept the following payment methods only;

βž– Bitcoin, XMR, USDT, Other Cryptocurrencies

βž– Payeer

βž– PerfectMoney 

βž– Bank Transfer / Wise.com (USD / EUR)

πŸ’‘ You can Exchange/Send Cryptocurrency @ Cryptomus

πŸ’‘ You can Trade Cryptocurrency Anonymously @ Trocador Exchange

πŸ’‘ You can exchange your PayPal/Credit-Card funds with XMR or BTC on LocalMonero

Partial = Partially Completed

Partial status means that we delivered part of your order and the remaining amount is refunded to your balance.

Yes! Your buying power will ALWAYS be higher @ SMMKings!

Get AUTO-Bonus on your SMMKings Deposits:

βž– Payeer:

+3% Bonus - ANY Amount

βž– PerfectMoney:

+5% Bonus - ANY Amount

βž– Bitcoin, XMR, USDT & Other Cryptocurrency

+6% Bonus - ANY Amount

βž– Bank Transfer / Wise.com:

+5% Bonus - Minimum $100

Our WebTraffic sources including;

βž– Direct Traffic (With/Without Referrer Source)

βž– Referrer Traffic

βž– Redirected Traffic (From Ad-Networks, Expired Domains and more)

βž– Redirected Traffic (From our own Ad-Network, Pop-Ads)

βž– Commercial Organic Traffic

βž– Social Traffic (From Social Media Platforms)

βž– Organic Traffic (Search Engine Traffic)

βž– Niche Traffic (News, Gambling, Crypto, Adult, Health, and more!)

βž– Exchange Traffic  (from PTC/PPV Exchange Platforms)

βž– Desktop Ads (Web Visits)

βž– Mobile Ads (Mobile Visits from iPhone / Android)

πŸ”— 100% Automated Process, No Approval Waiting time!

- We HIGHLY recommend you to use Cutt.ly or Bit.ly links, for easy tracking of the campaign results.

- Make sure you have Google Analytics installed on the target URL, if you are not using tracking links.

Please note:

For any concerns regarding your Orders/Campaigns, Our support team will accept Bit.ly / Cutt.ly reports ONLY.

1. Go to YouTube Studio and click on Analytics

2. Then, click on See More on the bottom of the Chart, then click on 'More'..

3. Now you can click on Sharing Services

βœ”οΈ Done!, you can now see detailed information about your Social Shares

Please note! Social Shares takes 3-5 days to be updated on your Analytics.

βž– Get a PerfectPanel Script for fully hosted solution with no coding needed

βž– Get your API Key

βž– Check our API Docs & PerfectPanel Docs

βœ”οΈ You are ready to go!

βž– Create New Ticket

βž– Telegram

βž– Email

Approximately ~20% of visitors may come from geo targets you didn't select.

We try to compensate for this by over delivering your order, but if you still received less geo targeted visitors than you ordered, Please send us a ticket and we'll refill up the rest.

Partial = Partially Completed

Partial status means that we delivered part of your order and the remaining amount is refunded to your balance.

RSTβ„’ - Real Social Traffic

βž– Devices: iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

βž– INSTANT Start!

βž– Cancel Button Available

βž– 100% Real Sources from Social Networks

βž– 100% Real Human Mobile Visits

βž– Traffic Added in a NON-STOP Natural Pattern

βž– Traffic Sources: Private Exchange platforms & Ad-Networks

Thanks to our RSTβ„’ model, we are the ONLY source to provide you INSTANT and High-Quality Mobile Visits, from iPhone 14 devices!

πŸ’‘ Good To Know:

βž– You can use cutt.ly or bit.ly links to track results properly

βž– Cancel Button Supported and available also for API users

βž– We filter our devices' database with geolocation + language settings, so at some point users marked as US or SE or NL may currently reside in different country; don't worry if you see some Germany-located traffic when ordering UAE, for example - this just means our UAE users are in Germany at the moment. You can always check the "language" metric in your analytics and be sure that your order was completed correctly

For some services we offer 'Cancel' and/or 'Refill' Button, which will be available on your 'Orders History' page.

Cancel/Refill button will be available for the following services which mentioned under their descriptions:

'♻️ Refill Button Available'
'πŸ›‘ Cancel Button Available'

Cancel/Refill buttons available also via API.

*The cancel or refill button sends a trigger to cancel or refill an order, it doesn't work instantly, it's just a trigger, sometimes it's too late to stop an order, and sometimes an order might not need a refill or the service doesn't have a refill.

Rates are final.

We do not offer discounts or different rates to different users.

- We do not guarantee your AdSense account safety - Not because of the Quality of our Traffic, but because of a possible lack of clicks, which will drop your CTR and can raise red flags from the AdSense platform.

Our Traffic delivery methods are not accepted by Adsense or other paid networks.

Although the traffic is real, it is very cold. We do not promise conversions.

- We aim to bring the best value to our clients as well as your client's websites, Conversions will depend entirely on your website content and targeting selection.

- We DO NOT GUARANTEE that our traffic will bring you any conversions, Ad-Clicks, etc.

These are NOT the traffic methods that may help you earn money.

- At the moment, we can't target our audience basing on interests and/or *niches to bring you the more relevant visitors, However, you will always enjoy other benefits of increasing your Traffic Volume for several different proposes, mostly for SEO, Ranking, and increase of your Organic Traffic.

- We can't guarantee you views or likes or followers on social media platforms with our traffic.

But, Important to mention;

- We've seen evidence that for some of our clients it works on their first order, then it doesn't on the second, and it works again on the third.

- Our WebTraffic services may help for YouTube Video/Channel SEO, Higher engagement rates on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, and more, However, it`s not something we can guarantee and it depends entirely on the content that we redirect the visitors to.

- Our WebTraffic sources are proven for Increasing Organic Traffic, Ranking & Engagements for Asian Networks such as Naver, Daum, Coupang, and more.

You can build the campaign to receive X visitors each Y time.

For example, you want to have 100 Visits every 24 hours for 7 days,

The formula will be:

Quantity: 100

Runs ( Total orders to be sent): 7

Interval (Break between each run, In minutes): 1440

As result, an Order of 100 Quantity, will be sent every 1440 minutes (24 hours), 7 times total.

This means You will get a total of 700 Visits in 7 Days. 100 Visits per day.