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Why You Should Automate Your Social Media Campaign Using SMM Panel

The use of SMM panel has been dismissed as another black hat technique to farm likes, follows, and retweets. But before going into that, however, there’s a need to define what it is.

The difference between black hat and white hat techniques in search engine optimization is, well, black and white. The former refers to methods that skirt the rules set by Google and other search engines on increasing traffic on the site. The latter method, meanwhile, is a more organic way of building traffic within the Google


In social media, however, it’s not that straightforward. A technique can be defined as black hat or white hat not because of the rules, but due to the intent.

The Hashtag Follow4follow

There’s actually a method to quickly increasing your Instagram followers, and this is through the follow4follow hashtag. The unspoken agreement is to follow somebody, and they follow you back. But is this considered black hat or white hat technique? It does seem walking the tightrope while you stand at the precipice of what Instagram allows. But the social media platform hasn’t banned anybody doing this before. 

The only problem with this is your number of followers only expands, but your target audience may not necessarily grow. What you get mostly is noise. With a cheap SMM panel, you are assured of quality followers because you can manage the admin panel through category, orders, and the social media users that you add manually.

What’s SMM Panel Anyway?

The SMM panel is a tool that allows you to buy Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter retweets, and much more!. YouTube panel, meanwhile, will provide you with more views. It automates the process, which makes it easier for you to manage several social media accounts at once. You can also schedule posts, so your pages have fresh content every day.


Features of the best SMM panel:

Can be easily configured to connect with the buyer’s API

User-friendly dashboard

Full support system, including receiving messages from clients

No need to refresh the page for tasks

Fully secured software

Max cap on deposits

Customized API

Manage services and payments 

Password recovery


Some even automatically crunch the data for you, so you have baseline analytics to use in your social media marketing campaign. 

SMM Panel on Autopilot

The common misconception by some businesses is after purchasing the script or YouTube panel from resellers, they just sit back and relax and let the bots do the work. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, full autopilot as a strategy (although, by theory, this could be done) must be discouraged.  

There’s a huge temptation to go on autopilot considering the many platforms that the script can be used like: 








The key here is responsibility and balance. If it appears that you are already trying to game the system instead of efficiently using the tool to augment your online marketing in social media, there could be consequences. 

There are different rules for each social media platform. While the follow4follow hashtag may not earn some sanction from Instagram, Twitter does frown upon such practice. But if you stick to your strategy, you can definitely use this tool to enhance your social activity. 

Social Media Marketing Best Practices

For the cheap SMM panel to work, your social media marketing campaign should be solid. Below are just some of the tips that can help your cause:

Don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s better to have just two or three social media accounts that creating all of them without proper optimization. Quality vs. quantity applies here.

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Make the tone conversational rather than promotional. The fact that people follow your page means they are more or less familiar with your product or service. In this case, don’t try so much to sell a product, but instead, engage your followers, and sale will be more organic.

Introduce them to people behind the company. Businesses are about people. Customers want somebody to relate to, rather than the product. For instance, Buzzfeed is notorious for using employees for skits, gags, and reviews. Viewers subconsciously identify with the company more after knowing the faces behind it.

Turn around negative feedback. Don’t shy away from negative comments or feedbacks. Use them as an opportunity to reverse the opinion of the customer on a particular product or service. When you make a mistake, apologize and offer some gift certificates or free drink as an incentive. It’s a good way to get them to come and spend some money.   

Set small goals at first. Establish goal posts that can be easily weighed and measured for a certain period. Do you want to raise brand awareness first? Do you want to increase the number of followers? Perhaps boost engagement or promote a product? 

Select the best platform for your business. If you are not into affiliate marketing, then Pinterest is probably not for you. If you have somebody who’s adept at video editing, then you can probably increase your presence on YouTube. There’s a YouTube panel to help boost your views. But it will largely depend on fresh, unique, and fun content.

It should be pointed out that even the best SMM panel can only do so much. While it can help match you up with your target audience, the script can’t make them stay. It’s up to you to employ the best practices in social media marketing to keep your followers engaged. When they are fully invested, expect that they will share your content without your prodding. Then your social media marketing campaign becomes a more balanced mixture of automated enhancement and organic amplification.