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3000+ Automated Services for boosting your Results & Engagements on;

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We accept the following payment methods only;

Bitcoin (BTC)

➖ Monero (XMR)

➖ Kaspa (KAS)


Other Cryptocurrencies



Bank Transfer / Wise.com (USD / EUR)

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Absolutely! Real Visits, Real Shares, Real Engagements - Only the process is automated, which save you both time and money, compared to other networks with similar offers.

Mostly, all the types.

Our WebTraffic sources including;

Direct Traffic (With/Without Referrer Source)

Referrer Traffic

Redirected Traffic (From Ad-Networks, Expired Domains and more)

Redirected Traffic (From our own Ad-Network, Pop-Ads)

Commercial Organic Traffic

Social Traffic (From Social Media Platforms)

Organic Traffic (Search Engine Traffic)

Niche Traffic (News, Gambling, Crypto, Adult, Health, and more!)

Exchange Traffic  (from PTC Exchange Platforms)

✔️ Desktop Ads (Web Visits)

✔️ Mobile Ads (Mobile Visits)

100% Automated Process, No Waiting time!

➖ Get a PerfectPanel Script for fully hosted solution with no coding needed

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Email: smmkings @ pm.me 

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Monero XMR Accepted Here!

Bitcoin Accepted

Of course!

Kaspa Accepted

Lowest Fees

USDT Accepted

ERC20, TRC20, Polygon

You can also pay with:

Credit/Debit Cards




Bank Transfer / Wise

❌ No Need to Buy/Earn Points.

❌ No Need to Visit Ads/Websites.

❌ No Need to Download/Install any software

❤️ No Limitations, No Verifications, No KYC.

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